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Geomutations new clip

Clip 4 is here…

Check the arcade mode with new enemies and frenetic action!




Geomutations – clip 2

A better quality clip of actual game footage is here!

Geomutations – clip 1

The first clip of GeoMutations.
This is our first clip of the work in progress game:

a fast shoot ’em up where you defend your base and your resources from enemy attacks!

Made with Marmalade and our game engine IWGE. For iPad, iPhone, Android.

Anig – Game Engine (IWGE)
BitmaniaK – Game development
Faz_76 – Original soundtrack
© 2012 IntensiveWorks

Please, we are looking forward to have your feedback!



Geomutations with IWGE

IWGE is being used to write GeoMutations.