We are back again

Sorry for the late, I spent last time in other stuffs 🙂

We are working hard to complete the game.

Next steps :

– improve game design, use statistics, experience e multiplier

– add cannons and spaceships to base

– change the base behavior and aspect

– accelerate game framerate (Anig is working on it!!) and better camera control

– more efficient AI

– create a complete level and tutorial

– graphic menu interface and other things


Be patience..we’re back to code again!



Happy Easter!

Thanks to all…we’ll be back soon!

Happy Easter from Geomutations team

IWGE featuring pause/resume

Implemented pause/resume in IWGE 😉

The second edition of Codemotion, the event which is open to all languages and technologies will take place on 23rd and 24th March 2012 in Rome. The main innovations of Codemotion 2012 will be: two days dedicated to technical interventions and the fact that there will be two events held simultaneously in Rome and Madrid.

Intensive Works will attend at Codemotion. Register here and get in touch with us!

SvilupParty 2012

We will attend the SvilupParty 2012 in Bologna from 10 to 11 of March, it’s a meeting of Italians videogame indie developers. For more information see http://www.svilupparty.it/




Geomutations – clip 2

A better quality clip of actual game footage is here!

Geomutations – clip 1

The first clip of GeoMutations.
This is our first clip of the work in progress game:

a fast shoot ’em up where you defend your base and your resources from enemy attacks!

Made with Marmalade and our game engine IWGE. For iPad, iPhone, Android.

Anig – Game Engine (IWGE)
BitmaniaK – Game development
Faz_76 – Original soundtrack
© 2012 IntensiveWorks

Please, we are looking forward to have your feedback!



Geomutations development continues

Beautiful screenshot of Geomutations, a “Made with Marmalade” game.

New classes ported

RenderTexture and nice Shaky3D fx from cocos2d

Box2D integration

Box2d integrated. The new B2Sprite class is an AliveSprite featuring physics properties.