IWGE is a 2D game engine built on top of Marmalade platform. It allows to write stunning games for smartphones using the C++ language.
Being based on Marmalade platform means that your games can be easily deployed on all supported mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Symbian, bada, webOS, Windows Mobile 6.x.



Major features:

  • Automatic graphic scalability with whatever device and resolution
  • Screen centered graphic coordinates system
  • OOP paradigm and ready-to-use classes for all system objects. Extend system classes to create new classes for your game, such as Player, Enemy, Bullet and so on
  • Class instances may be stored in “banks” and accessed by id, name and tag
  • Memory management, reference counted objects and auto release pool like Cocoa
  • Scene management, objects in the scene are represented by “nodes” hierarchically related as parent/children
  • Nodes can be animated using several “actions” objects, likes those found in Cocos2D iPhone
  • Fast 2D rendering using OpenGL ES or software rendering if OpenGL is not available
  • Spritesheets management and integration with tools like Zwoptex and TexturePacker
  • Bitmapped text nodes may be added to the scene and animated with actions
  • 2D animations loaded from XML
  • Low level graphics drawing, including textured quads, images, primitives (points, lines, rects, polygons, ovals, etc,) and bitmapped fonts
  • Event Management: catch system generated events like TouchEvent. It is also possible define and fire your own custom events
  • Collision Management, bounding volume and per-pixel collision detection
  • Sprites management and AliveSprite class with simplified and easy-to-use state management
  • InputManager to handle keyboard, mouse, multitouch and accelerometer
  • Integrated with Box2D physics engine
  • Tiled maps support and integration with Tiled Map Editor
  • Particle system
  • Game state management
  • Object oriented audio engine with wav and ogg/vorbis support and multiplexing capability