Game Concept : Bases (part 1)

Here we are again with a new session that I want to inaugurate, a sort of development and design diary of the game that changes day by day.

I know that the design must be well defined prior to development, but we have started with a bet and then we had fun adding whatever we liked.

In this first session I want to talk about the base and its mutations.

The base is a important element of the game and must be defended and provides necessary support to the player.

Receives and maintains a symbiotic relationship with the player like a mother, is able to handle defensive turrets, to limit the collapse of a black hole and host the player for a extreme defensive session.


Here some screenshots of evolutions of the base:







Base with 3 cores and a stargate








Base with defense turrets







Nuclear scenario








Ready to docking player

Each base evolution changes way you play the game with design variation, in any of that evolutions (here the FSM of the states)





The player must provide resources (humans) and avoid their count reaches zero due the fault!











See you soon to the next evolutions!

– BitmaniaK –








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