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Happy New 2013!

The Year has gone!

Wish that the New Year be a messenger of Prosperity & Success, Joy & Good Tidings and… shoots & explosions with GeoMutations!

We’re are coming soon, stay tuned!


Thanks from all IntensiveWorks team

We are back again

Sorry for the late, I spent last time in other stuffs 🙂

We are working hard to complete the game.

Next steps :

– improve game design, use statistics, experience e multiplier

– add cannons and spaceships to base

– change the base behavior and aspect

– accelerate game framerate (Anig is working on it!!) and better camera control

– more efficient AI

– create a complete level and tutorial

– graphic menu interface and other things


Be patience..we’re back to code again!



Happy Easter!

Thanks to all…we’ll be back soon!

Happy Easter from Geomutations team