C++11 Delegating Constructors

C++ 11 introduces a new feature called “delegating constructors”. Now you can do common initialization steps in a constructor, known as the target constructor. Other constructors can call the target constructor to do the initialization. These constructors are called delegating constructors.

class A{
A(): A(0) {}
A(int i): A(i, 0) {}
A(int i, int j)

Delegating constructors cannot have initializations of class members in their initializer lists; that is, a constructor cannot delegate and intialize at the same time.

If an exception occurs in the body of a target constructor, it can be caught by the try block of the delegating constructor.

class A{
A(int i);
A(int i, int j);
A::A() try: A(0) {
cout << "A() body"<< endl; } catch(...) { cout << "A() catch"<< endl; } A::A(int i) try : A(i, 0){ cout << "A(int i) body"<< endl; } catch(...) { cout << "A(int i) catch"<< endl; }

This feature helps to reduce the code size and make your program more readable and maintainable.

C++11 range-based for loops

Great link: Range-based for loop

Nowadays, almost every programming language has a convenient way to write a for loop over a range of values. Finally, C++ 11 has the same concept; this is a long awaited C++ feature.

Here’s an example:

vector<string> vec;
vec.push_back( "hello" );
vec.push_back( "world" );

for (string s : vec )
cout << s;

Understanding Unity 3D coordinate systems

Unity 3D has 4 coordinate systems: World, Screen, Viewport and UI.

The world coordinate system is left handed (as Direct X) where x positive axis is right, y positive is up and z is positive into the screen.

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How to profile a “Made With Marmalade” app

Profiling is a form of dynamic program analysis that measures, for example, the usage of memory, the usage of particular instructions, or frequency and duration of function calls. The most common use of profiling information is to aid program optimization.

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Background contest

Hi all, here some Geomutations background images.

If you want to help us, please send your ideas for a background.


The image must be 2048×2048 32 bit of a space theme with no animations
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Geomutations new clip

Clip 4 is here…

Check the arcade mode with new enemies and frenetic action!




Happy New 2013!

The Year has gone!

Wish that the New Year be a messenger of Prosperity & Success, Joy & Good Tidings and… shoots & explosions with GeoMutations!

We’re are coming soon, stay tuned!


Thanks from all IntensiveWorks team

New born

We’ll be back soon!

Game Concepts: Tutorial

Hi again, sorry for the late…we spent last two months in bug fixing!!!

We are in trouble with some unexpected behavior of some part of the code and I need a pause so..let’s focus on some other things.

One of the aspect of the game we want to improve because of feedbacks is the Game Objective.

In some playtesting session, we noticed that players were disoriented.

Too many texts, what is the objective, who am I?

So we spent some time in simplifying the hud and game logic and the most important feature we want to add is a sort of tutorial of the game.

yes..really..we didn’t play the tutorial before because the game for us was easy and friendly.

Now we are working on it and exploring some techniques to achieve this.

Here a screenshot of what we can add…



Our idea is to prepare some rounds with simple objective and a very fast text session explanation

Any suggestion?


Game Concept : Bases (part 1)

Here we are again with a new session that I want to inaugurate, a sort of development and design diary of the game that changes day by day.

I know that the design must be well defined prior to development, but we have started with a bet and then we had fun adding whatever we liked.

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